6-Pack of Songs (March 21st)

Welcome back to our weekly feature where we countdown and review our six favorite new singles from the past week!

6: Ghost Story, Carrie Underwood- We all have those memories that tend to follow us around in an almost ghostly fashion. In Ghost Story, Underwood warns the man in her life that should he ever do her wrong she will haunt him like a ghost. As always, Underwood’s vocal is otherworldly leaving listeners absolutely stunned and lyrically Ghost Story packs a heck of a punch, creating what is sure to be a hit.

5: Habit, Leah Marie Mason-  A fresh and unique take on the tiresome nature of on again, off again relationships, Mason finds comfort knowing that this guy continues to come crawling back. An incredibly well written song, Habit is rife with tons of clever word play and imagery, leaving listeners with a lasting picture. Mason’s vocal fits beautifully with the genre bending energy of Habit, breathing an airy freshness into the track.

4: Something’s Better Than Nothing, Brandon Davis- A truly beautiful song written about appreciating all that we already have instead of the constant desire to chase that which we don’t. Something’s Better Than Nothing flies in the face of the often toxic “I’ll be happy when” mentality and reminds listeners to look at what they already have and be grateful, because at the end of the day Something’s Better Than Nothing.

3: One Of These Days, Sophia Scott- Entrenched in a bare your soul kind of vulnerability, Scott emotionally details all of the questions she has about life and love. Scott’s queries stem from her parents’ divorce and her failed past relationship, Scott wonders why she had to endure all of these heartaches along her journey and hopes that One Of These Days she’ll get the answer desperately awaits. Scott’s powerhouse vocals  mixed with the tenderness of the lyrics create a sonic beauty, fitting for the track’s emotional gravitas.

2: Missing You, Lauren Weintraub- It’s never easy getting over someone, especially when the emptiness of missing them leads us down the road to seeing them, creating an almost unbreakable chain of heartache. Acknowledging the need to break the vicious cycle, Weintraub realizes it’s about she makes “missing you just mean missing you”. While the severing of ties may hurt initially, Weintraub knows that in the end the benefit will greatly outweigh the initial pain of simply Missing You. Missing You is another example of Weintraub’s vocal and songwriting prowess which sets her apart from her peers and has her squarely on track to becoming a huge star.

1: Lied To Too, Shelby Darrall- Seeing your ex with their new partner is one of life’s most unenviable moments. Oftentimes, we villainize this stranger and make them out to be a monster, when in reality we don’t know the first thing about them and who they are as a person. While Darrall initially finds herself going down this familiar path, upon seeing this girl for the first time she comes to realize that the two of them are far more similar than different, and that her negative energy had been misplaced all along. Lied To Too is a mature and vulnerable take on post breakup awkwardness and Darrall proves that she’s willing to address issues that many others refuse to. The masterfully penned track is only outdone by Darrall’s fantastic and tender vocal.

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