Spencer Crandall Gets Angsty on New Single “Red Flags”

Oftentimes the fading honeymoon lace naiveté restores our ability to see clearly. During the honeymoon phase we find ourselves donning rose colored glasses, hindering our ability to see our partner for who they truly are. Spencer Crandall’s new single, Red Flags offers an angsty and poignant perspective on the moment clarity is restores and the hard truth begins to sink in. Crandall was content ignoring the numerous Red Flags and continue his relationship in a blissful ignorance, but it turns out Crandall couldn’t keep the charade going forever, and the truth becomes simply became too much to ignore, prompting Crandall to take off his rose colored glasses and start seeing the Red Flags. Crandall’s vocal is strong and candid, and the relatable and accessible lyrics connect with listeners across all genre lines, allowing all the ability to nod in agreement with Crandall’s wrathful rant.

Credit: Nina Long

The pop-rock inspired track mixed with Crandall’s honest and angry vocal combine to form a magical and unique flavor of genre bending ear candy. Red Flags continues an incredible run for Crandall who has seen his star take off over the last couple of years, and Red Flags is poised to be another hit and may just be his best release yet. We can’t wait to hear what Crandall has in store for the rest of the year!

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