Gracia Hones In On Sound With Single ‘Run’

The music bug struck Gracia early in life and simply would not let her go. Growing up Gracia viewed music as a cathartic hobby and not much else, however after appearing on The Voice, Graica knew that pursuing music was the only path that would leave her fulfilled. After a series of hard-knocks and lessons learned, Gracia was tempted to give up the dream and go find a more secure career, but once again her love for music proved to be undying bringing her back to Nashville “for a third time”.

Equipped with a new confidence and musical identity, Gracia feels “more ready to handle the challenges of this fast paced life”. Gracia credits her “growth as a songwriter” as one of the main reasons she feels the third time might just be the charm. Bridging the gap between modern and traditional country music, Gracia was “worked hard to find out who (I) am and what (I) want to say”, telling WoC “I want to make sure that each song reflects who I am”.

Perfectly imperfect, is the theme rings throughout Gracia’s brand new single, Run. A poignant commentary on the fast pace nature of everyday life, and the constant self doubt the consumes so many of us. The vulnerable track threads the needle between personal and relatable and finds the sweet spot, crafting a song that oozes wit authenticity and genuine emotion.

Up next Gracia tells WoC that she “continues to write” and is “working on releasing more new music in the months to come”.

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