Hadley Shines Light on Moments Missed on New Single ‘Missed Your Call’

For Georgia native, Hadley, a love of music began to consume her from the age of three. At the time, with no clue that music could be her future, Hadley recalls “dressing up and dancing around and just performing around the house”. It wasn’t until later that Hadley realized that music could turn into much more than a fun form of creative expression. Following a conversation with her stepfather, Hadley made her first trip to Nashville as a 14 year old. Instantly captured by the town’s electrifying ambiance, Hadley remembers “playing on every stage (I) could” and dreaming of a future in the Music City.

Hadley’s musical journey continued when she moved to Nashville following high school. While for many straight of high school seek relaxation, Hadley put her nose on the grindstone “and started working the day (I) got to town”. It’s this tireless work ethic that has allowed her to overcome many of the obstacles the industry places before new artists, especially those looking to carve out their own unique path in an industry littered with cookie-cutters.

Hadley has done just that, bucking the trend a crafting a brand of music she describes as “grungy-rock with some country and blues”. This eclectic mix is on full display on Hadley’s new single, Missed Your Call, a masterful commentary on the less glamorous side of the music business. Thematically reminiscent of Lauren Alaina’s 3, Missed Your Call shines light on all of the phone calls that artists often miss from loved ones as a result of the crazy schedule this dream requires.

Hadley plans to release more music throughout the rest of the year and continue to chart her own path in the industry.

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