6-Pack of Songs (March 14th)

Welcome back to our weekly feature where we countdown and review our six favorite new singles from the past week!

6: Still Got It, Pierre Alexander- Kicking off this week’s six pack is the brand new heartbreaker from Pierre Alexander, Still Got It. Still Got It details the story of a man unable to move on from his ex, no matter how hard he tries he knows that his heart still belongs to her, rendering him helpless in his hopes of moving on. Through empathetic and relatable lyrics Still Got It resonates with listeners going through the arduous process of moving on.

5: Leave Me A Memory, Filmore- A beautiful ode to voicemails, Leave Me A Memory is in a word, wholesome. Filmore spends the track going through the voicemails in his phone, and reminiscing on all the memories he made with his loved one. Filmore uses these memories to connect with loved ones both here and gone. The song’s simple and genuine nature allows listeners to feel heard and understood throughout the heartwarming track.

4: Gonna Be A Problem, Everette- Hurt by love before, the male character in the song is scared to fall in love again, knowing the pain it’s caused him in the past. While he tries his hardest to avoid love, he finds himself falling in love and is already dreading the almost inevitable ending his mind has concocted. Everette’s harmonic beauty is on full display on Gonna Be A Problem giving listeners a thoroughly enjoyable and intriguing listening experience.

3: Down Home, Jimmie Allen- A masterfully penned letter to Allen’s father, who is no longer with us, Down Home walks the line between heartbreaking and uplifting, crafting 3:21 of musical bliss. Allen takes time to catch his father up on all that’s been going on in his life, and all the work he’s put in hopes of making his father proud of the man he is today. Allen’s vulnerability and willingness to let listeners in such a private moment is truly endearing and allows listeners to attach their own experiences and memories to the song.

2: Strange, Miranda Lambert- Feeling queasy as a result of the world’s seemingly constant upheaval and turmoil, Lambert is looking to find peace and sanity in the Strange. Searching for any way to overcome these Strange times, the song is rooted in escapism and a hardened wanderlust Lambert seeks in a far away land. Strange is a strong introduction to Lambert’s upcoming album Palomino set to be released April 29th.

1: Have To Be My Hometown, Josh Kerr- There’s nowhere quite like home, or at least that used to be the case for Kerr before his ex decided to steal it right out from under him. With the streets of his upbringing now littered with memories of the one that got away, Kerr’s hometown no longer feels like home, as he can’t go anywhere with memories of his ex rearing their head at every street corner. For this reason, Kerr wishes she had taken literally anything except his hometown, the one place he now wishes he could go to find himself and move on from his latest heartbreak. 

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