Taylor Edwards Delivers Anthem For The Broken Hearted With ‘Not Supposed To Know Each Other (Sad Version)’

Tired of being burned by love’s sharp knife, Taylor Edwards digs into the deep sadness of heartbreak on Not Supposed To Know Each Other (Sad Version). Through the honest and relatable lyrics Edwards connects with listeners wondering if the one for them is out there, and just where this person may be tonight. With her belief in love waning, a downtrodden Edwards ponders when she will finally get to meet her mystery suitor because as of now They’re Not Supposed To Know Each Other.

Vocally, Edwards matches the energy of the song adding her beautiful, albeit gloomy voice to the masterfully written song. Edwards’ ability to lean into complete sadness is a contrast from the original version, which brilliantly threaded the needle between the hopeful and sad nature of waiting for the one. Edwards gracefully manipulates the original version and delivers an anthem for the brokenhearted with Not Supposed To Know Each Other (Sad Version).

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