Jayna Jennings Showcases Ethereal Americana Style On New Single “Garden of Eden”

Growing up singing anywhere she could, a love for music and performance was igniting inside Jayna Jennings from a young age. The Georgia native recalls singing bluegrass and showtunes at her cousin’s store as a little kid, furthering her already ingrained love for music. From there Jennings’ musical style began to take form as she started molding her wide range of influences into one cohesive sound, she describes to WoC as “ethereal country”, carving out her own unique lane inside music world.

Jennings’ love for experimentation has allowed her constantly grow and evolve artistically. An affinity for Joni Mitchell and the unique sounds of nature allow Jennings to remain constantly inspired and stimulated within her creative process. Not tying herself down to one sound or style, means Jennings lets her art speak for itself and allows others define and categorize it as they see fit. Jennings’ musical evolution has led to her newest single, Garden of Eden and a forthcoming album.

Garden of Eden is a great example of Jennings artistic growth and style. Jennings tell WoC that the track “was written about the honeymoon stage of a relationship and that time period when you don’t want to do anything to mess it up”. Jennings astutely compares the honeymoon phase to the Garden of Eden leaving listeners with a clever metaphor to latch onto while listening. Vocally, Jennings is authentic and charismatic throughout, allowing listeners a peak inside her little musical world.

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