6-Pack of Songs (March 7th)

Welcome back to our weekly feature where we countdown and review our six favorite new singles from the past week!

6: Happyland Trailer Park, Catie Offerman: Catie Offerman’s debut single is a surefire hit. Listeners are introduced to Offerman, an artist willing to forego the glitz and the glamor of fame for a Happyland Trailer Park upbringing. Offerman’s use of detail and imagery in a nonchalant, Kacey Musgravesesque way leave listeners completely enthralled. Vocally and lyrically Offerman nails this one and leaves listeners with a lasting  first impression.

5: Johnny Got A Girl, Filmore: A witty and humorous track, Johnny Got A Girl is one of Filmore’s best releases to date. On Johnny Got A Girl, Fillmore is heartbroken in a bar, except instead of it being about a girl it’s because his best friend found a girl and now Filmore’s been reduced to “hanging out with Steve and he kinda sucks” The lighthearted nature of the songs coupled with the reliability of the lyrics make Johnny Got A Girl a true standout.

4: Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, Mitchell Tenpenny: Unfortunately close only counts in Horseshoes and Hand Grenades and not in love. No matter how optimistic we may be, sometimes love fails despite our best efforts, and the ensuing pain stemming from a close but no cigar relationship is almost too much to bear. For, Tenpenny the closer to the real thing love gets the harder it is to heal from, and Tenpenny wishes he had a handbrake like his car does to stop him from falling for the almost maybes.

3: Wild As Her, Corey Kent: Corey Kent continues to impress with Wild As Her. Wild As Her details the story of a girl afraid to feel tied down in a relationship that forces her to sacrifice what makes her unique in order for love to last. Knowing this girl has been burned before, Kent makes it abundantly clear that he’s not her to tame her wild side and loves and appreciates all that makes her unique, and is willing to do whatever it takes to earn her trust and prove that he’s not like the guys that came before. 

2: Even The Stars, Abby Anderson: If Even The Stars burn out someday so will the lasting feeling of heartbreak. A heartbroken, yet hopeful Anderson shines on Even The Stars as she begins to see the light at the end of the tunnel while navigating through her most recent heartbreak. Anderson finds peace in knowing that Even The Stars burn out so one day so will the lasting memory of her ex and the heartbreak he caused her.

1: Me Myself and Why, Alana Springsteen: Me Myself and Why explores the all too common feelings of self shame that often accompany backsliding to an ex in the midst of our moving on. While she knows she shouldn’t give her ex another chance, Springsteen simply can’t resist the temptation and comfort of what used to be hers. However, once the falling is complete Springsteen is left asking herself why she simply can’t say no to someone who’s hurt before and will hurt her again without a second thought. Springsteen’s pondering of Me Myself and Why resonates with and comforts  listeners who seemingly can’t fight back their urge to fall back into the past.

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