Peter Peres Leans Into Heartbreak on “Mess Of Me”

Moving on isn’t always easy. We all have that one person, who no matter how much indescribable pain they’ve caused us, we’ll drop everything to rekindle a relationship with. Peter Peres exquisitely details this nonsensical temptation on his band new single, Mess Of Me. Stooped, in undeniable heartbreak, on Mess of Me a healing and moving on Peres receives a late night call from his ex and despite his better judgement Peres can’t seem to say no to the one that broke his heart, and made a mess of him.

Lyrically, Mess Of Me resonates with listeners from around the genre spectrum looking for the strength to turn down their ex, and provides comfort to those who despite knowing better simply can’t say no their previous toxic entanglements. The pain in Peres’ vocal adds to the relatable nature of the song, allowing listeners to feel the pain along with Peres, and together search for the strength to no longer let other make a mess of them.

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