Johnny Dailey Delivers Introspective, Reflective Debut EP, “Dillashaw”

The best songs paint a beautifully assembled picture, adding the words we can’t find to pair with our emotions. Johnny Dailey’s debut EP, Dillashaw, does a fantastic job of just that, giving listeners a glimpse of Dailey’s small town upbringing and the trials and triumphs that often accompany coming of age. Dailey’s smooth and authentic delivery of the six tracks that comprise Dillashaw keep listeners engaged throughout a project filled with honesty and vulnerability.

Courtesy of Johnny Dailey

Burns Like Whiskey, the project’s opening track, features Dailey reminiscing on young love and the mixed emotions of a memory that simultaneously “feels like summer and Burns Like Whiskey“. The up-tempo track matches those mixed emotions, as the summery production meets the burn of the heartbreaking lyric. Friends, Farms and Fords features a matured Dailey looking back on his past and oftentimes naïve self, who couldn’t wait to hit the highway and leave his small-town upbringing in the dust. However, looking back, Dailey is overcome with admiration for his quaint and tranquil hometown and the Friends, Farms and Fords that raised him into the man he is today.

24 and Trouble are the project’s two love songs, with Dailey vowing to live and love to the fullest on both the young love tale of Trouble and the breathtakingly beautiful 24. On Driving Things Around, Dailey finds peace riding around in his truck regardless of what or who may be riding shotgun with him on any particular day. Whether it’s driving a girl around town or lugging his dreams around from stop to stop, Dailey is determined to get good use out of his truck while Driving Things Around.

Bonnaroo, the project’s sixth and final track is a true standout from both a lyrical and a production standpoint. With summer drawing to a close Dailey meets a girl at the Bonnaroo Music Festival and is immediately enthralled, yet nervous as he’s never experienced this intense rush of emotions before. Unsure of whether he’ll ever see her again, Dailey is forced to find contentment regardless of if his newfound love lasts a lifetime or only for a mere weekend. Ultimately, Dailey is left with a lifelong memory from this short lived love, along with the lingering, albeit faint hope of someday reconnecting with his Bonnaroo muse.

Dailey’s songwriter roots are on full display throughout the project as the vivid and relatable lyrics are accessible to and empathetic to listeners. Dillashaw is an incredibly strong first impression of Dailey as an artist and leaves listeners intrigued for what’s to come in the future.

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