Michael Boris and AC Jones Form Newlywed Duo, “Arbor North”

Sometimes it takes All The Right Mistakes to lead us where we belong, and for Michael Boris and AC Jones that was exactly the case. Falling in and out of failed relationships often times are steps leading us to where we’re supposed to be. The story of Arbor North’s new single tells the story of Boris and Jones finding love after their respective heartbreaks. From their first meeting at Nashville’s Country Radio Seminar, Boris and Jones knew there was chemistry there and worked hard to pursue it further, proving once again that sometimes all it takes is All The Wrong Mistakes to lead us where we belong.

At the beginning of their relationship Boris and Jones were reluctant to see if their romantic chemistry would translate musically with Boris noting that “just cause we were engaged doesn’t mean it’ll work out musically”. However, after there first write together the couple knew there was something special musically and Arbor North was born. Boris and Jones tell WoC that sonically Arbor North “combines everything from pop to country to rnb and even rock” creating an eclectic blend unlike anything else.

As Arbor North continue to grow Boris and Jones tell WoC “to look for a lot of new music in the months to come” and they “are very excited to share what we’ve been working on with everyone”

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