6-Pack of Songs (February 28th)

Welcome back to our weekly feature where we countdown and review our six favorite new singles from the past week!

6: Whiskey Whispers Your Name, Karissa Ella- We all have a trigger that sends us back, reminiscing on past failed relationships. While Ella can handle beer and tequila without the onslaught of memories rushing through, whiskey never fails to break the dam and unleash a tidal wave of emotions. Ella’s vocal is stunning and convincing, drawing listeners into her world as she sits on a barstool thinking about the past.

5: Greener Pasture, Carter Faith- While the cowboy riding away is a tale as old as time, Carter Faith puts a fresh, dreamy spin on the tale with Greener Pasture. Faith walks listeners through the process of falling out of love with the proverbial cowboy, simply using her as a stop on his way to a  Greener Pasture. Faith’s premiere talent as a storyteller and songwriter shine throughout this soul crushing heartbreaker.

4: Because of Me, Kaylin Roberson- Kaylin Roberson is out here sprinkling her Good Luck Chuck fairy dust all over her exes. Sensing a trend as all of her exes seemingly find that immediately after their relationship comes to end, Roberson wants some of the credit for making her ex into the man he is today. Roberson notes that while her ex might try to credit his upbringing for his maturity, it was in fact their relationship that taught him all of love’s valuable lessons.

3: Feet Wanna Run, Ernest- A conflict of the head and the heart, or in this case the feet and the heart, a scared of love Ernest tries to convince his feet that love is safe, and not something that must be avoided at all costs. Throughout the track Ernest details the struggle he faces, and his gravelly vocal takes center stage leaving listeners hanging on every note of the all too relatable track.

2: When I Look Back, Dylan Marlowe- Live life to the fullest and live with the regret of missing out, the theme echoes throughout When I Look Back. When I Look Back focuses on making our future self proud of our present self, stating that only a life lived without second guessing can be looked back upon fondly. At the end of the day nobody wants to look back and be faced with a litany of “what ifs” and When I Look Back is a great reminder of that.

1: From Austin, Zach Bryan- An overwhelming sentiment of inadequacy permeates throughout Zach Bryan’s, Leaving Austin. Bryan is pleading with his girlfriend to go out and find someone better than him, because in his current state Bryan can’t be the man she needs. Bryan acknowledges that he has past wounds he has to heal from, and that keeping her along for this ride would simply be unfair to her, as she deserves so much better and so much sooner. The downtrodden Bryan resonates with listeners dealing with their own struggles and provides a fresh spin on breakup songs.

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