Matt Roy Lets Honesty Shine on Debut EP, “Wildflower”

Rooted in superb songwriting, Matt Roy’s debut EP, Wildflower offers a fresh take on love and heartbreak . Roy’s first foray into artistry features five songs, each with a palpable honesty permeating through the heartfelt lyrics and the project’s subdued, lowkey production allows listeners to focus on the rawness of it all.

The project opener, Easy To Find, is a reminder that while daydreaming of a forever love may be easy, finding the one worthy of those lofty dreams is far easier said than done. That Town, That Truck, That Song, is an up-tempo heartbreaker with Roy holding tight to the memories he made with his now ex. Morning In New Orleans and When You Lose Someone are the true standout moments on the project, diving deep into heartbreak and the painful struggles of letting go of love gone wrong. The title track, Wildflower is a beautifully written love song in which Roy brilliantly uses metaphors to describe everything important in his life before finally turning to his Wildflower.

Wildflower is sure to resonate with listeners regardless of whether they’ve just fallen in love or just fallen out of love. Roy’s ability to tell the stories on this project with a unmistakable authenticity helps carry the project to the next level.

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