Exclusive First Listen: Christian Parker Delivers Anthem For Dreamers With “Shotgun”

Dreams are meant to be pursued wholeheartedly. The theme of sacrificing whatever necessary in order to chase down a one in a million dream echoes throughout Christian Parker’s debut single, Shotgun. The concept of leaving no stone unturned when it comes to hunting down dreams is sure to resonate with the inner dreamer in listeners from all walks of life, with the Arkansas native telling WoC “Shotgun, is a song of inspiration and persistence. The lyrics tell the tale of a person giving their all in the pursuit of their dreams. I resonated with these lyrics because of that message and I hope this will become an anthem to those striving towards their dreams as well.”

WoC is thrilled to provide you with an exclusive first listen of Shotgun!

Be sure to presave Shotgun and check it out on your preferred streaming platform February 25th!

2 thoughts on “Exclusive First Listen: Christian Parker Delivers Anthem For Dreamers With “Shotgun”

  1. I am in shock! I know his family and I am so glad I was fortunate enough to hear his “first listen.” He already sounds like a pro and we will be seeing his name on the Country Music Awards candidates in the near future.

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