Kamryn Palmer Basks in the Glow Up on “Doctor”

From her first visit to Nashville at the age of 13, Kamryn Palmer knew music city was exactly where she wanted to be. Palmer grew up “singing everything” but a karaoke machine given to her by her great grandmother truly ignited Palmer’s musical spark. From that point forward, Palmer has been plotting her path to Nashville and made the leap “right after finishing high school”. Palmer, while still finding her footing in Nashville is already making waves as an artist and writer to keep an eye on for years to come.

Stylistically, Palmer tells WoC that her music will always “be rooted in country”  citing Carrie Underwood as her earliest influence from the genre. However, Palmer’s affinity for a “pop-hook and melody” has led to an eclectic blend of music that can only be described as Kamryn Palmer. Rooted in deep and truthful lyrics and fresh, infectious melodies Palmer is an artist ready to take the next step.

Palmer’s new single, Doctor, is a great example of what makes her such a special and intriguing artist. A “solo-write that flowed out at 2am”, Doctor is a clever and hooky track that keeps listeners engaged throughout Palmer tells WoC that she “ wrote (Doctor)  based on the idea of somebody who leaves you and you have a glow up and you realize you didn’t need them. Those people always seem to come back and check in on you like a doctor”. Filled with sass, Palmer has to remind her former heartbreaker that while he may cosplay as one, he is in fact not a real doctor, and thus should leave her and her newly rediscovered confidence alone. 

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