6-Pack of Songs (February 21st)

Welcome back to our weekly feature where we countdown and review our six favorite new singles from the past week!

6: My Heartache Today, Savannah Rae- Nearly four minutes of rock-country goodness, Savannah Rae can sense the impending heartache soon to descend on her when she says a guy from across the bar. Rae knows that this potential relationship isn’t good for her and that it would be best to avoid, but she seemingly cannot resist this dose of heartache.

5: Workin’ on My Country, Royale Lynn- From rock-country to punk-country we go for Royale Lynn’s brand single, Workin on My Country. Throughout the track Lynn brandishes her country bonafides and expresses her love for the rough tumble country lifestyle. Workin’ on My Country strikes a chord with those eager to forego the glamor of big city living for the simple, yet muddy life out in the country.

4: Hearts Don’t Rust, Brandon Davis- An incredibly beautiful love song, Heart’s Don’t Rust focuses on the hard work it often takes to keep love alive in spite of the world’s constant changes. The song focuses on a conversation between Davis and an elderly man rushing to get home to his wife of 50 years when Davis decides to ask me just how he’s kept this love alive so long. Davis’ rich voice and the traditional country production make this an easy to love, wholesome track.

3: The Neon, Hailey Whitters- The heartbreak is coming on strong in The Neon. Whitters feels love slipping away and begins to focus on the first stage of her healing, The Neon stage, one filled with barstools and the intention of taking an eraser to the memories made with her ex. Whitters’ vocal truly encapsulates the heartbreaking and relatable message of the song making The Neon a true standout track.

2: Last Night Lonely, Jon Pardi- Jon Pardi is over being alone! Set in a bar, Last Night Lonely features Pardi ready to find the one and live out his Last Night Lonely in this honky-tonk, hoping  this girl he just met is over it as well. Rich with fiddle and other traditional instruments, Last Night Lonely is a true delight for the ears, especially when coupled with the timbre of Pardi’s voice.

1: Fishin’ On A River, Jake Owen- You don’t typically think of a soul crushing heartbreaker when you see a title like Fishin’ On A River, but Jake Owen more than made it work. Owen, ready for a day on the river with his buddies, is stunned when the love of his life decides to leave, just when he was about to head for the river. Owen knows full well that the river can’t fix his broken heart the way a whiskey soaked barstool can, so Owen settles in and runs up his tab in hopes of subduing his heartbreak.

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