Angela Sclafani Carves Out Unique Alt-Country Style

Angela Sclafani started penning songs way back in elementary school. Always, a lover of the arts, Sclafani spent time acting and in theater before pursuing music full throttle. Stylistically, Sclafani draws inspiration from a broad variety of genres forming a unique mix of Alt-Country.

Fresh off the release of her brand new single, Bell Jar, we had the chance to chat with Sclafani about her musical journey, style, and the brand new single.

Worlds of Country: When did you know that you wanted to pursue music?

Angela: I started writing songs when I was in elementary school and continued through college, where I studied theater and acting. I didn’t think I could pursue a music career with no formal training and no knowledge about the business . After school, I spent most of my time working survival jobs and auditioning, both of which I disliked. I decided to start playing my own material live to gain some control over my life and keep performing, which I loved. 

Worlds of Country: Once you knew, what was your first step towards making this dream a reality?

Angela: I got a few of my musician friends together to help me play my first live show and soon after, recorded my first EP (I had applied for free studio space at Converse Rubber tracks in Williamsburg). After that I just kept writing, playing, and recording songs. Eventually, I won a couple of songwriting competitions, which gave me the confidence to keep making and sharing my music. 

Worlds of Country: How would you describe your musical style?

Angela: My musical style borrows from a number of genres- pop, rock, folk, and roots  music. I also love the music of the late 60’s and early 70’s. There must have been something really special in the air, because most of my favorite records were written and recorded during that time. 

Worlds of Country: Who would you say most influenced this style?

Angela: The artists that I listen to the most! Joni Mitchell, Stevie Nicks, Dolly Parton and Fiona Apple. Lately I’ve been listening to a ton of alt country like Neko Case and Waxahatchee- which has pushed my music into new categories like Americana and country. It’s very exciting to find additional colors to add to my songwriting palate. 

Worlds of Country: What’s the story behind your new single, Bell Jar?

Angela: The song is about overcoming the dark spaces of your mind by taking physical space from the people and structures that drive you there. It was also partially inspired by Sylvia Plath’s novel The Bell Jar and Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s short story The Yellow Wallpaper

Worlds of Country: What’s next for you?

Angela: I just signed with the indie label Pitch & Prose and I’m working on my first full-length album.

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