6-Pack of Songs (February 14th)

Welcome back to our weekly feature where we countdown and review our six favorite new singles from the past week!

6: First Taste of Gone, Josh Ross: Josh Ross’ whiskey just tastes different this time. Ross can sense his relationship slipping away and the impending heartbreak sinking in as he makes himself at home on a barstool. Ross knows that his love isn’t coming back and is ready to let the whiskey do what it does, knowing that his First Taste of Gone likely won’t be his last.

5: Out of That Memory, Kyle Clark: Sticking with our theme of whiskey, Out of That Memory serves as a warning to not fall back into relationships that have caused nothing but pain. Throughout the song, Clark feels himself yearning to walk through his ex’s door and give things another shot, and is begging his friends to do anything at all to talk him Out of That Memory. While, Clark knows better than to run back to his ex, he also knows he needs conjure up every last bit of self control to prevent it form happening.

4: Fall in Love, Bailey Zimmerman: A Tiktok sensation, Fall in Love is rooted in a heartbreak and Zimmerman’s ensuing bitterness towards the concept of love altogether. Zimmerman has left stuck in his hometown as his love moves to South Carolina with her new beau, living out all of the dreams they once dreamt together. Watching his ex and her new guy live out the life he had envisioned, Zimmerman’s fiery vocal evokes a growing bitterness towards the idea of love altogether, before warning the world they “don’t wanna fall in love” as it only results in hurt.

3: Love Me When I’m Leavin’, Shelby Darrall-Shelby Darrall is done ignoring the warning signs of her toxic relationship and is ready to get to moving on on this sassy, attitude filled song. Darrall is fed up with only feeling loved when she’s walking out the door, so now she’s ready to walk out the door for good and not turn around. Darrall’s debut single is sure to strike a chord with those stuck in sh!tty relationships and those recently removed from said relationships. We can’t wait to hear more for Darrall!

2: Never Said Sorry, Josh Kerr- It’s not easy saying sorry, but in certain cases it’s even hard living with never uttering the world’s most terrifying 5 letter word. On Never Said Sorry, Kerr is willing to live with the hurt and the pain he both caused and felt but the lack of and apology and the accompanying closure is what gnaws at him preventing him from getting to sleep. The sad lyrics of Never Said Sorry coupled with the happy production style invite listeners into a world of purple, one filled with mixed emotions and lingering questions of what if?

1: Over Me, Roman Alexander- “I’m not the one” is the theme of Roman Alexander’s Over Me. Coming to terms with his faults and self perceived incapability, Alexander pleads with his ex to move on and forget what they had, because she deserves so much better than him and his heart that “burns bright” and “burns out” leaving her in all alone in a lurch. Alexander’s mature, fresh take on a classic breakup song is refreshing and will resonate with listeners who ever thought they weren’t good enough for the love they had or maybe still have.

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