Maddie & Tae Dive Into Love, Sass, and Heartache On “Through The Madness Vol. 1”

It’s difficult to pack a multitude of emotions into an eight song package, but Maddie & Tae did so seemingly seamlessly on Through The Madness Vol. 1. Spanning the full range of emotions from love to heartbreak, to everything in between, Maddie & Tae put together a project that is both comprehensive and concise.

The project’s opening track, What It’s Like Loving You, reminisces on the bliss and wonder of new love, and the accompanying day-dreaming of “what if this is the what I’ve been looking for?”. Madness and Strangers show a love that has matured to the point of forever, and are two of the year’s most breathtakingly beautiful songs.

Woman You Got and Wish You The Best, give the project a sassy and fun flavor and show off the Texas sized personality of Maddie & Tae. Woman You Got is a self reflective track which speaks deeply to the hot mess in all of us. Wish You Best exudes confidence in the face of a breakup and features the project’s most memorable hook “I’d wish you the best but you’ve already had it”.

Don’t Make Her Look Dumb and The Otherside are the project’s two collaborations, and are somber, yet powerful moment. Don’t Make Her Look Dumb, a collaboration with Morgane Stapleton features a girl watching her friend getting played by a guy. Unwilling to let her friend be taken for a ride by a guy no good for her, the onlooking friend heartbreakingly and bravely intervenes to save her friend the heartache. The Otherside is a powerful moment about finding strength and courage in the darkest of times, and finding the courage to keep going, knowing that The Otherside of this gnawing pain is closer than you may think.

Through The Madness Vol. 1 is an emotionally engaging project that takes listeners on a ride with stops at the major ports of love, heartbreak, and even some much needed attitude. Through The Madness Vol. 1 sets the tone for what should be a huge year for Maddie & Tae.

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