Jordan Fletcher Leans Into Honesty on New EP, True Stories

Rooted in the cold hard truth, Jordan Fletcher’s True Stories lives up to it’s title. Displaying a refreshing amount of honesty, True Stories is a perfectly packaged four song project tackling many of life’s struggles and triumphs. Tackling issues from love to heartbreak to grief, Fletcher’s artistic vision shines throughout this project.

Credit: Jeff Ray

The four song project covers many issues, but despite the varying themes, the project flows rather seamlessly throughout. The opening track, Firebird, features Fletcher reminiscing on all the memories he had the opportunity to make with his father, and unfortunately the ones they couldn’t. Fletcher, however still holds onto this old, run down Firebird as a way to carry on his bond with his father. Reminiscent of Lee Brice’s, I Drive Your Truck, Firebird is a truly remarkable and relatable take on grief.

Still Those Kids and Rather Be Broke tell the beautiful love story between Fletcher and his wife, from their simple, carefree beginnings to where they are now. Rather Be Broke focuses in all of the riches and materialism Fletcher would willingly forego if it meant they could stay in the bliss they created when they were just kids.

I Know You Are But What Am I is the project’s heartbreaker and a true standout in terms of lyricism. Following a breakup, Fletcher feels lost wondering if and how he’ll be able to move on the way that he knows that she already has, while he’s still stuck in the mud wondering where it all went wrong. The clever lyric mixed with Fletcher’s rasp soaked vocal combine to make I Know You Are But Am I a true gut punch for the recently heartbroken.

True Stories is one of the year’s most cohesive project’s, and by far the most authentic projects to date. Fletcher’s steadfast willingness stick to real life stories instead of indulging in fantasy, resonates with listeners throughout the project and make Fletcher an artist to keep an eye on for years to come.

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