Six Pack of Songs (Week of January 14th)

On this brand weekly feature we will review and countdown our six favorite new singles from the past week!!

6: Whiskey Sour, Kane Brown- Whiskey Sour showed off a brand new side of Kane Brown. A side that is sentimental and reflective and more than a wee bit sad. What makes Whiskey Sour so special is the longing in Brown’s voice as wonders if the love he’s broken up about was ever is his in the first place. The sadness in Brown’s voice is present throughout as he draws listeners into his drunken musings.

5: No, Pedal Steel, Muscadine Bloodline- Keeping it nice and sad, No, Pedal Steel is a great encapsulation of what happens when songs and memories collide. Heartbroken and trying to move on, this guy just cannot escape the memories of his ex that come blaring through the speakers, even during the seemingly innocuous happy songs.

4: Everything She Ain’t, Hailey Whitters:– Hailey Whitter’s just has a way with words. In her trademark folksy and down to earth way, Whitters is brutally honest throughout Everything She Ain’t. Whitters spends the song explaining to this guy that his current girlfriend is not right for him and that Whitters would be a much better match because she’s “everything she is and everything she ain’t”. Whitters’ usage of metaphor throughout makes this song such a fun and intriguing listen.

3: Didn’t Go Too Far, Conner SmithDidn’t Go Too Far is a story far to familiar for many. Caught in the uncomfortable aftermath of a small town breakup, Smith can’t seem to escape his ex no matter where he turns. Smith finds himself wishing his ex was just another small town girl with big city dreams, opposed to one with plans settling down right where she is. Smith’s delivery is authentic and relatable making Didn’t Go Too Far a sure hit in the making.

2: Want That Back, Brett Eldredge- A longing for simpler times, Want That Back is a song that’ll both break and warm your heart. Eldredge spends the song looking back and comparing his childhood to life and now, and wishing was simple enough that he could still play “barefoot baseball” with his brother instead of being stuck in the always go never stop nature of modernity and adulthood.

1: Break My Heart Again, Danielle Bradbery:-It’s easy to just sit back and marvel at Danielle Bradbery’s incredible vocal prowess and control, but when you peel back the layers of Break My Heart Again you find a song rich in substance and conflict. Brokenhearted, Bradbery is willing anything to win back the love she lost, even if it means having her heart torn to shreds time and again. In Bradbery’s mind the continual heartbreaks would be worth it should they end up together in the end.

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