WoC Top 50 Songs of the Year (20-11)

Today, we continue our countdown of our Top 50 songs of the year.

20: Sayin’ What I’m Thinkin’, Lainey Wilson- The title track of Lainey Wilson’s debut album is a true show stopper. Rooted is regret and honesty, Sayin’ What I’m Thinkin’ is three minutes of melancholy goodness capped with Wilson’s incredible and emotional vocal.

19: I Always Wanted To, Cody Johnson- Speaking of emotional, Cody Johnson’s I Always Wanted To is one of the year’s most emotionally moving songs. Words can’t do this song justice…

18: It Was Me, Lauren Alaina- It’s tough to take ownership of our past mistakes, but It Was Me features Alaina taking full ownership for the failures of a past relationship. It Was Me, reads like an apology letter to an ex, penned by Alaina from a place of both growth and sorrow for her past behavior.

17: Growing Old Young, Tenille Arts- Sticking with our theme of emotionally heavy songs, Growing Old Young is one of the year’s most powerful moments. Throughout the song, Arts recounts her rough childhood and some of the innocence and ignorance taken away from her at a young age. However, in the last chorus Arts’ strength shines bright, as she remarks how the tough times have only made her a strong person today.

16: Liability, Carly Pearce: The best word play song of the year? The sassiest? Maybe, maybe not, but Carly Pearce’s Liability is definitely one of the best. In the midst of being gaslit, Pearce found some humor in life and produced one of the year’s most memorable songs.

15: How Do We Go, Alexandra Kay: Wondering what went wrong, Alexandra Kay ponders why love falls apart the way it does. How is it that people can go from being in love one day to not speaking the next?, is a very thought provoking question; and a topic that Kay tackles beautifully.

14: 865, Morgan Wallen- Sometimes whiskey just won’t numb the pain. As much as Wallen wants Jack Daniels to wipe away the memory of his ex, he knows that taking a sip will make him do the one thing he shouldn’t do, call her up. While, I feel bad for whoever’s number is (865)-409-1021, 865 is one of the most poignant and relatable moments of Dangerous.

13: Dallas, Parker McCollum (feat. Danielle Bradbery)- Stuck and scared, Dallas is Parker McCollum’s shining moment from Gold Chain Cowboy. Shaken and broken, following a break up, McCollum leans into his trademark melancholy on Dallas, landing at #13 on our countdown.

12: Make It Past Georgia, Ashland Craft- Moving on has never hard for Ashland Craft, until now. No matter how much she wants to move on and forget, Craft can’t seem to, and is caught reminiscing about a past love from Georgia. The use of geographical imagery plants an picture in the heads of listeners drawn in by Craft’s strong vocal.

11: Lasso, Carter Faith- Probably my favorite production of the year, Lasso is dreamy and mesmerizing. The western vibe of Lasso, is only eclipsed by Faith’s tremendous vocal ability. Lasso, is the best example yet of Faith’s willingness to take risks and embrace the artist she is and wants to become.

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