WoC Top 50 Songs of the Year (10-1)

Today, we close out our countdown of our top 50 songs of the year.

10: Apple, SJ McDonald- Country music at it’s finest, SJ McDonald’s Apple exemplifies the future of the genre. With organic instrumentation, mesmerizing harmonies, and lyrics that punch you straight in the gut, Apple is a true standout track from this year.

9: Wasted On You, Morgan Wallen- Wasted On You, is one of the best moments on Dangerous. Featuring my favorite melody, Wasted On You is an incredibly well constructed song. The unmistakable disgust in Wallen’s vocal, coupled with the superb writing makes Wasted On You our #9 song of the year.

8: Should’ve Known Better, Carly Pearce: Yet another entry for Carly Pearce on our countdown with Should’ve Known Better coming in at #8. A self reflective track on the downfall of her marriage, Pearce beats herself up in the verses, before turning the tables for the chorus. Should’ve Known Better is just one of many superb tracks from 29.

7: Buy Dirt, Jordan Davis (feat. Luke Bryan)- Buy Dirt is our #7 song of the year. Focusing in on a conversation between Davis and his grandfather, Buy Dirt is an outstanding example of country storytelling and lyrical the song is simply excellent.

6: If It Wasnt For Trucks, Riley Green: A beautiful song about a truck? If It Wasn’t For Trucks marks Green’s second appearance on our countdown at #6. Green reminisces on all of the life changing moments he’s spent with his truck, from the first time he hear Merle Haggard to his first kiss, Green can’t help but wonder what life be like If It Wasn’t For Trucks.

Human, Cody Johnson- The title track off Johnson’s album, Human is exceptional in every way. Throughout the song Johnson details the incredible growth he is experiencing in “learning to be human”. Johnson is grateful for the grace of those around him as he learns and grows, and this song is the perfect opener for Johnson’s album.

4: What He Didn’t Do, Carly Pearce: What He Didn’t Do is Carly Pearce at her best. Mixing sad with sass and a tinge of anger, What He Didn’t Do encapsulates the theme of 29 in three beautiful minutes.

3: Sand In My Boots, Morgan Wallen: The opening track on Dangerous, Sand In My Boots shows off a melancholy that is present throughout the opening half of the album. Sand In My Boots features Wallen in the midst of a failed relationship, coming to the realization that despite his best efforts he let this one slip through, and instead of bringing her home with him all he brought back with him was the sand in his boots.

2: Til You Can’t, Cody Johnson-Live life while you can, is the theme of Cody Johnson’s, Til You Can’t. Johnson has a simple message for all of us, take the chance when you have it because you never know when or if you’ll have another chance. Moments are fleeting and is our duty to latch on and make memories when opportunity presents.

1: Wilder Days, Morgan Wade- Wistful and longing, Morgan Wade’s Wilder Days the WoC #1 song of the year. Infatuated by the prospects of a new relationship, Wade wonders what life would have looked like had that met earlier. Wade only knows the settled down version of this guy but wonders what he was like in his Wilder Days, and would love to experience that, even if “just for a night”

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