WoC Albums of the Year

With the year drawing to a close, the time has come to countdown our top 10 albums of the year!

10: Sitting Pretty On Top Of The World, Lauren Alaina- Few artists posses the vocal and lyrical prowess of Lauren Alaina. Alaina’s album, Sitting Pretty On Top Of The World, is a perfect example of where modern country music should go. Alaina’s big vocals meet the moment throughout this project, producing a throughly enjoyable album.

Favorite Tracks: Run, Good Ole Boy, It Was Me

9: Travelin’ Kind, Ashland Craft: Travelin’ Kind, shows off just why so many consider Ashland Craft one of country’s next big stars. The rock, grunge, country, album shows off Craft’s incredible artistic range and ability to own the moment. Craft’s voice is simply mesmerizing on songs like Letcha Fly and LeavinYou Again. Travelin’ Kind is a great debut project and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

Favorite Tracks: Letcha Fly, Leavin’ You Again, Make It Past Georgia

8: Girl to Girl, Tenille Arts: Tenille Arts’ thrid album is her best one yet! Arts followed up her first radio number one, Somebody Like That, with a banger of an album. Arts’ growth as an artist is evident throughout the album. On Girl to Girl, Arts is unafraid to speak her mind and the unadulterated honesty flows through the speakers.

Favorite Tracks: Breakup Songs, Give It To Me Straight, Growing Old Young

7: Pelago, Ryan Hurd: Speaking of bangers of albums, Pelago is an extremely well executed project. Hurd’s gravely vocals shine throughout an album with rich storytelling and fun production. Hurd’s first full length project is well rounded and engages listeners from around the genre spectrum.

Favorite Tracks: Knife Or The Hatchet, Tab With My Name On It, If I Had Two Hearts

6: Sayin’ What I’m Thinkin’, Lainey Wilson: Brutally honest and confident, Lainey Wilson’s Sayin’ What I’m Thinkin’ is one of the year’s premiere albums. Featuring the timeless hit, Things A Man Oughta Know, Wilson ranges from sad to happy to sad again throughout this masterpiece of an album.

Favorite Tracks: Things A Man Oughta Know, Straight Up Sideways, Keeping Bars In Business, Sayin’ What I’m Thinkin’

5: Country Again (Side A), Thomas Rhett- Going back to his country roots, Thomas Rhett showed off a more serious and introspective side of himself on this album. Country Again (Side A) is Rhett’s best album from a storytelling perspective, and it’s down to earth form of delivery makes it our #5 album of the year.

Favorite Tracks: Country Again, Want It Again, Ya Heard

4: Dangerous (The Double Album), Morgan Wallen- Placing the top four on our list was the most difficult part of putting together this countdown, each of the top four albums were at one point in the #1 spot.

Morgan Wallen’s, Dangerous, is the perfect intersection of quality meets quantity. Dangerous, has something for everyone, ranging from rowdy to some of the year’s most downtrodden songs. Wallen’s ability to sound so believable singing both is what makes this album so incredible.

Favorite Tracks: Sand In My Boots, Wasted On You, Whiskey’d My Way, 865, Quittin’ Time

3: Reckless, Morgan Wade- At #3 we have another Morgan. Morgan Wade’s debut album, Reckless is raw and vulnerable, as Wade shows off a side of country music that is so often left out of the public light. Wade’s willingness to open on topics like depression and self-sabotage, allow her to connect with a broad fanbase that will only continue to grow as she continues to gain much deserved attention.

Favorite Tracks: Wilder Days, Don’t Cry, Mend

2: Human: The Double Album, Cody Johnson- At #2 we have another double album. While, not as long as Dangerous, Human is a comprehensive and cohesive project that is sure to leave listeners in their feels. Johnson’s deep yet huge voice is a star throughout the project and his penchant for picking great songs to cut is on full display throughout Human, leading it to #2 on our list.

Favorite Tracks: Human, ‘Til You Can’t, I Don’t Know A Thing About Love

1: 29: Written In Stone, Carly Pearce- No album this year was quite as honest and gut wrenching as Carly Pearce’s 29. 29, in many ways is a tale of growing up or at least trying to, and all of the responsibilities and heartbreak that come with it. On 29, Pearce is everything from introspective to sassy to downright depressed and finally hopeful again. The cohesiveness of this project sets it apart from the rest of the year’s great projects and makes it out #1 album of the year.

Favorite Tracks: Should’ve Known Better, Messy, All The Whiskey In The World, Liability, Your Drinkin’ My Problem, What He Didn’t Do

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