WoC Class Of ‘22 (Part 3)

Today we introduce you to the final 7 members of our class of ‘22!

Roman Alexander- Alexander is another artist that made a lasting impression this impression this year. The two versions of Alexander’s hit “Between You and Me” have racked up nearly 30 Million streams on Spotify. Alexander’s latest single, “Better In A Car” is his best work yet as the song allows listeners to get lost reminiscing about younger years. We can’t wait to see what Alexander has in store for the year ahead.

Peytan Porter– 2021 was a big year for singer-songwriter, Peytan Porter. Porter saw several of her unreleased songs go viral on Tiktok, singed her first publishing deal with Jody Williams Songs, and in November released her debut single, Therapy. Boasting a big voice and a supreme writing ability, Porter is bound to be a big star.

Jeb Gipson- Gipson is another artist coming off a big year that saw the release of his debut EP, Good At Moving On. Throughout the EP, Gipson’s prowess as a storyteller shines through. Gipson’s follow up single, Something In The Whiskey, is another example of what makes Gipson such a special artist.

Tiera- Coming off a huge year that landed her a debut at the Opry, Tiera is destined to keep the climbing higher in the year ahead. Tiera’s biggest song to date, Found It In You, has notched north of 16 million streams on Spotify and has been featured on Hot Country, Spotify’s most prestigious country playlist.

Megan Moroney- Megan Moroney has all the makings of a future star. Boasting a distinct sound and heartfelt lyrical authenticity that sets her apart from so many, Moroney is only scratching the surface of what she be an incredibly successful career. We anticipate a lot of big things from Moroney in the year to come and can’t wait to hear it!

Avery Anna- 2021 was the start of something special for Avery Anna. Anna released her first four songs this year, each of the four displayed her immense talent as a vocalist and a songwriter. Anna’s voice is one that will stop you in you tracks and we can’t wait to see what she has in store for the year to come.

Taylor Edwards– What a year 2021 has been for Taylor Edwards. The year saw several of Edwards’ songs blow up on Tiktok and the release of her debut EP, Born In July, a project that shows off Edwards vulnerable side throughout. Edwards most viral hit, Call Your Sister, also landed her radio play and an appearance on the Ryan Secrest Show. If this year is any indication, next year should be huge one for Edwards.

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