Woc Class Of ’22 (Part 2)

Today we introduce you to the next seven artists that make up our 22 for ’22!

Lauren Weintraub- It’s hard to think that prior to this year few knew the name Lauren Weintraub. However, with the help of Tiktok, Weintraub has quickly remedied that and catapulted herself to a huge 2021. From a pure vocal standpoint, Weintraub will blow you away and when you add her penchant for clever, emotionally engaging writing, you realize that you’re listening to an artist destined for greatness.

Alana Springsteen– An artist who’s star has really started to take off this year, Alana Springsteen is absolutely an artist to watch in the years to come. Springsteen released her first album  this year. “History Of Breaking Up (Part One)”, a project that details the full range of emotions that we all experience in the wake of a breakup. The project shows off many sides of Springsteen as an artist from the sassy “Zero Trucks” to the heavy “God Must Be Mad at Me”. Springsteen is an artist already charting a path to stardom.

Jordan Fletcher- What a year it’s been for Jordan Fletcher! In 2021, Fletcher signed a record deal with Triple Tigers and was recently named a “Highway Find” by SiriusXm The Highway. Fletcher’s songs are rooted in an old fashioned truth and honesty that can be felt through the airwaves. Fletcher has long been an artist to watch but now with momentum on his side Fletcher is set up for a huge year to come.

Erin Kinsey- Few artists have made an immediate emotional connection with fans the way Erin Kinsey has. Prior to this year Kinsey had never released music and she exits it with north of 10 million Spotify streams and an adoring fan base chomping at the bit for more new music. Kinsey has shown off many sides of her artistic range from the downtrodden “Drunk Too” to the free and easy “Just Drive”. We can’t wait to see what the new year has in store for Kinsey.

Gray Robinson- 2021 was a big year for Gray Robinson who has certainly cemented her spot as an artist to watch in the year to come. In 2021 Robinson had the opportunity to appear on the Bobby Bones Show as a finalist in Bobby’s Tiktok contest. Robinson also found herself featured on iHeart Radio’s Women Of Country Playlist on multiple occasions. Robinson’s latest release “Damsel in This Dress” is already her biggest to date and the song displays the sass, sadness, and strength that set Robinson apart.

Nate Smith- Nate Smith is the rare artist with the vocal ability to stop listeners squarely in the tracks. Couple that vocal ability with the emotional weight of songs like “Sleeve” and “Under my Skin” you come to the realization that Smith is total package and ready to take the next step towards becoming a household name. Smith, recently signed with Sony Nashville to help further his trip up the ladder.

Rachel Wiggins- Perfect for fans of Kacey Musgraves older music, Rachel Wiggins’ music has a beautiful blend of sad and sass. Wiggins has the rare ability to make listeners laugh, cry, and think, all within the span of 3 minutes. Wiggins is another artist we can’t to hear more from in the year to come.

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