“Music Has Always Been A Part Of My Life” Anna McElroy Talks “Big Dreams”, New Single, and More

“Music has always been a part of my life”, Anna McElroy tells Worlds Of Country, reminiscing about her time spent sitting at the piano during her childhood. However, due to the fact that she was “terrified of singing in front of people”, McElroy didn’t see music as a viable career path until “later in high school” when a friend called her up on stage and forced McElroy to face her fears. From that point forward McElroy was hooked and ready to do whatever it may take to make this dream come true.

Sonically, McElroy prides herself as an artist that “is not limited to one thing” and that while she’s “definitely country”, McElroy tells Worlds Of Country that “every time I go into a write I never know what’s gonna come out and that’s a beautiful thing”. McElroy feels that presently her sound can best be described as”country with a slight rock twist” and that she is “constantly evolving and trying to grow as an artist”.

McElroy’s new single, “Talk Country to Me” is a prime example of just who McElroy aspires to be as an artist and writer. McElroy tells Worlds Of Country that “Talk Country to Me is a song that outlines exactly what I want in a person and details exactly what my type is”. “Talk Country to Me” is a song that exudes confidence, charisma and authenticity and McElroy “hopes that other girls like me can hear this song and feel seen and heard”.

Up next for McElroy, is a 2022 “calendar hopefully filled with shows”, along with more time honing in on just who she is as an artist. McElroy knows that this “path isn’t easy” but she’s “gonna continue to keep my head down and not worry about anything on the outside” as she continues to chase down her “big dreams”.

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