Wild Fire Shines With Authentic, Genre Bending Style

For Texas sister duo, Wild Fire, creating music together is the ultimate dream. Growing up in musical theater, the love and passion for entertainment run deep inside Kelli and Kayla Lutzwig. Music, in particular, spoke to the sisters who found the art to be tremendous path of authentic self expression. Still, in their teens, Wild Fire has done just that, carving out an ever evolving musical style emanating directly from the heart.

Fresh off the release of their new single, What If We Never Met, we had the chance to chat with Wild Fire about everything from the musical journey to their new single and more!

Worlds Of Country: When did you guys know that you wanted to pursue music?

Wild Fire: I would say we knew at a very young age we started off doing like musical theater and dance and all that encompasses that art form and we really enjoyed the singing aspect of it. So that’s kind of how we got started. We did voice lessons, we performed plays, music, theater type plays and we fell in love with singing aspect our vocal coach paired us up for a rodeo rockstar competition here in Houston. And ever since then, we have been doing this!

Worlds Of Country : Was this something that you guys always wanted to do together or did you think of going your separate ways?

Wild Fire: When our vocal teacher paired up when we’re like 11 and 12 this is something that we really wanted to do together and we’ve been together ever since. Yeah.

Worlds Of Country: So how did the name Wild Fire come together?

Wild Fire:The way that we got this name wasn’t like crazy or anything, I just remember sitting in this specific room, in our house, and it just came to mind because, yeah, you know, it has a lot of passion and drive behind it. And I think that kind of represents what we go for and with our music and credit for.

Worlds Of Country: So how would you guys describe the Wild Fire,musical style?

Wild Fire: I think it’s constantly evolving. Right now. I would describe it as pop rock and a little bit of punk in there. But in the past, it’s definitely pop-country, country. It’s gone through so many phases as we’ve gotten older and grown up.

Worlds Of Country: So what would you say has led to the evolution of the sound?

Wild Fire: I think just growing up and experiencing more and also falling in love with different types of music.We are inspired by a lot of 80s pop rock artists and everything. So as well as country artists, I think just as we’ve grown up, a lot of things have changed and will continue to evolve.

Worlds Of Country: So the current sound,who would you say most influenced that?

Wild Fire: I would say, like Kelsea Ballerini, Maren Morris, like all of those artists in country and pop country right now

Worlds Of Country: So what would you guys say has been the biggest challenge with chasing down this dream?

Wild Fire: I would just say probably all together, like just. Being cohesive with our different schedules , that’s like the biggest thing, especially right now and I’m sure will continue to be, but we do, obviously find time. It’s always great when we can get together.

Worlds Of Country:So your new single. What if we never met? Could you tell us the story behind that song and how that song came together?

Wild Fire: Yeah. What if we never met it? Is the song about just wishing that you never met somebody, but in a sense of whay would your life be like if you had never experienced this person or this thing? And who would you be? I think people can significantly change how you look at yourself, who you are, the way that you talk, all of those social influences. And it’s mostly just about like, who would I be if you never came into my life because we never met?

Worlds Of Country: So was this a song that came from personal experience, or no?

Wild Fire: Yeah, I think that, you know, we’ve both gone through phases. I mean, people, friends, relationships, anything, any person you come across, it’s like it’s just a perspective thing like, who would I be if this person wasn’t in my life?

Worlds Of Country: So what’s next for you guys?

Wild Fire: We have a lot of things are working on right now, we have lots of new singles coming out, music videos, a lot of things in the works and we are always posting on social media, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, all of that. So you want to check us out on there.

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