Katie Frank Talks Debut EP, Unique Musical Style

“Moving down here was the first big step I took”, Katie Frank tells Worlds Of Country reflecting on her musical journey to date. Frank has had musical aspirations from a young age but “felt pressure to go to college and start working”, and chase down a more stable career path. However, for Frank the dream never died and has led her and her unique brand of unique music home to the music city.

Credit: Natia Cinco

Sonically, Frank draws from all over the map, telling Worlds Of Country that her musical style “is a mix of Country- Americana with a lot of 90’s grunge- pop influence”. This eccentric blend of music has allowed Frank to stand out amongst the countless artists looking to make a name for themselves in Nashville. Frank’s new EP, Small Town Minds, encapsulates just how Frank sees herself as an artist and just what she brings to the table.

A writer at heart, Frank tells Worlds Of Country that “about half of the project was written while I was still living in Philadelphia so this project spans a couple of different seasons of life which is cool to hear come together”. Frank cites Hey Dale as one of her favorite songs of the project “because it’s just so different from what I normally write”. Dark Cloud is another of Frank’s favorites “because of its western feel and production”. Each song shows of a different side of Frank’s personality and artistry and the project invites listeners to learn about Frank one song at a time.

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