Emily Pyscher Digs Deep For Her “Most True Song”

Pursuing music “was never a decision” for Emily Pyscher, who always knew music was her way forward. From learning to play guitar at the age of 16, Pyscher always had dreams of moving down to Nashville “to push this dream to great lengths”. Now, living in Nashville, Pyscher is doing everything she can to push forward and make a name for herself in music city.

Pyscher’s new single, When I Said Goodbye, is about as personal and vulnerable as it gets, which speaks to Pyscher’s penchant to “write autobiographically” and “connect to every song I write in a deep way”. Pyscher tells Worlds Of Country that the song was written about “a relationship I was in that I sabotaged” and Pyscher feels that this is her “most true song yet and shows off a softer side”. However, writing and releasing this song was difficult for Pyscher, as she tells Worlds Of Country that she was even “scared to show (her) mom”; but, When I Said Goodbye shows Pyscher to be an artist unafraid to be honest when even when it may be tough.

When I Said Goodbye will be Pyscher’s last release of the year but Pyscher already has plans to get back in the studio to start the new year. Pyscher tells Worlds Of Country that she’s “very excited about the songs I’m bringing into the studio”.

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