Paige King Johnson Carries on Her Grandfather’s Legacy Through Music

Paige King Johnson’s love of her music was handed down to her by her grandfather. After he gave her a guitar as a birthday present, Johnson recalls “falling in love with music” and the feeling that accompanies playing music. However, it wasn’t until after her grandfather’s passing, that Johnson decided “to go full throttle” towards music as a way to “honor his memory”. Johnson has continued to push this dream forward, making “tiring but very rewarding” trips make and forth from her home in North Carolina to Nashville. Due to her willingness to stick to her roots, steadfastly, Johnson has already started to carve out her own unique place in the the industry.

Sonically, Johnson describes herself as “rooted in a lot traditional country” , and notes that it’s nice to “see the pendulum start to swing back towards traditional country” after years of swinging towards poppier sounds. Johnson credits her mentor, the legendary Pam Tillis for helping her keep pushing in a traditional direction even as the industry was moving away. Johnson’s traditionalist roots are extremely evident on her single, Baby Don’t.

Baby Don’t, marks Johnson’s first cut of an outside song. Johnson, who prides herself on her songwriting, admits that she “was a little reluctant at first” about cutting outside songs, but acknowledged that when you see a song written by the likes “Liz Rose, Lori McKenna, and Hillary Lindsay” it’s “hard to say no”.

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