Willie Lock Remembers Lost Friend With “My Brother

Processing loss is never easy. Willie Lock’s new single, My Brother, expresses the deep pain Lock felt in the aftermath of the death of a close friend. Lock recalls writing this song “in 30 minute to an hour” during “quarantine when nobody really had anything to do”, Lock let the song and the emotions flow out in a pure and unadulterated manner. Lock notes that while “this is a very personal and vulnerable story” he is glad that it has “resonated with others and helped them in a way”

Lock’s musical journey began at a young age, when he would find himself “always entertaining and singing for people” which helped Lock develop his “passion for music”. Given his early love of music, his “persistent attitude” and “willingness to say yes to opportunities that have come” Lock is set up to make name for himself in the industry.

Up next for Lock, is more new music. With a new single, College Town, expected in the coming months. Lock also hopes to release his debut album around next Spring.

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