Jordan Moore Looks For A “Nashville Night”

Music has always been Jordan Moore’s “passion”. Growing up in “a very musical family”, Moore always had dreams of making a life out of music. However, after getting married, Moore decided to switch his focus to the car business, leaving behind his musical dreams. However, Moore’s passion and love for music never left and he has recently found the necessary balance in his life to chase down his musical dreams, and that mixed with his midwestern work ethic has seen Moore start to make waves in the industry.

Since getting back into music, Moore has released two singles, the latter “Nashville Night” is a true boot stomping jam. Moore tells Worlds Of Country that the concept for “Nashville Night” came when he was talking to his wife one day and remarked “I need a Nashville Night” to take a temporary hiatus from the grind of everyday life. Feeling worn down by the grind is something each of us experience from time to time and Moore leans into that relatable throughout the song.

Up next for Moore, is “new music” that he’s “very excited to share soon” including a new single “Up North Redneck” that he “really can’t wait to release”

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