Brenna Bone Tries To “Break This Habit”

Brenna Bone’s musical journey started at a young age, when she wrote a song for her sister’s 10th birthday. From that point forward Bone was hooked and found herself spending days in her room “doing anything musical”. From teaching herself guitar chords to learning how to record her own covers, Bone learned the individual spirit needed to make it in the music industry.

Sonically, Bone can best be described as a country-rock artist with an unmatched energy flowing throughout her music and performances. Bone recalls “getting involved with a company that wanted to change my name and my sound” and coming to the realization that sticking to her rock roots and staying true to herself as an artist would serve her better than trying to fit in a cookie cutter mold. 

Bone’s latest single, “Break This Habit”, is a tremendous example of exactly what the Brenna Bone sound is. Bone tells Worlds Of Country that the song was written “about a weird breakup I was going through“ and how “no matter how bad he was for me I would keep running back to this bad habit I can’t break“. The song features Bone’s high energy style as well as showcases Bone as a songwriter willing to get vulnerable and real.

While “Break This Habit” will be her last release of the year, Bone is already gearing up for new music in the year ahead.

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