Adam Mac Strives For Authenticity On “Make You Mine”

For Adam Mac, Nashville has always been the place to chase down his musical dream. It’s been a long journey for Mac, who moved out to Nashville nine and a half years ago and has been working away ever since. Mac has spent much of that time trying to carve out a niche in an industry that often defers to the status quo. Mac, however, has continued to push forward and with the release of his new single Make You Mine, Mac is beginning to carve out his own path in the industry.

Credit: Midtown Motion

Recently, we had the chance to chat with Mac about his musical journey, new single, and more.

Worlds Of Country When did you know that you wanted to pursue a career in music?

Adam: I think it’s something I’ve kind of always felt and known. I grew up in a small town and have been singing as long as I can remember, but it wasn’t until I was 18 that I really started to figure out the logistics on what I needed to do to make it happen.

Worlds Of Country: Once you knew, what was your first step towards making this dream a reality?

Adam: For me it was always moving to Nashville and out of my hometown. I knew if I ever wanted to make my dreams a reality, it would all start with making that move. It’s been a long road since that day 9 1/2 years ago, but I’m thankful everyday for the journey.

Worlds Of Country: What’s the biggest lesson you learned from your time on American Idol?

Adam: For me, the biggest lesson I learned from my time on the show was staying in my lane and not getting distracted by comparing myself to where I thought I should be based on where others were in their journey. It’s so easy to see other people’s success and tear yourself down, but my time on American Idol taught me that I can be happy for my peers while simultaneously being happy with myself, where I’m at and how far I’ve come.

Worlds Of Country: How have you grown as an artist since your time on American Idol?

Adam: Exponentially. Both personally and professionally. I have really unpacked what it means to be a gay man in the genre of country music, how to carve my own lane and define my own version of success.

Worlds Of Country: How would you describe your musical style?

Adam: I would describe my style as soulful first and foremost. I love to blend genres like disco and Motown with the country music I grew up on. Anything with a funky bass line, consider me into it.

Worlds Of Country: What’s the story behind your new single, “Make You Mine”?

Adam: The story behind this song is a little different than some of my others. “Make You Mine” came to me at a time during the pandemic where I was really struggling to find any creative inspiration to write, sing or play music at all. I was feeling so stifled creatively and one day I started humming what would become the melody to this song, so I grabbed my guitar and started writing. I wanted to create this escape from what our reality was at the time. I wanted the song to transport you to a sweaty little disco cabana. I really wanted to drive home the idea that desire and passion can sometimes feel like a spell that you’re put under and have no control over.

Worlds Of Country: What’s next for you?

Adam: I want to continue pushing the boundaries and exploring what country music means to me. In doing so, hopefully that helps someone else out there to feel seen. I’m currently in the studio working on a new album that infuses all of my favorite genres and sounds to create something that is uniquely my own.

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