Review: J. Antonette “White Lines”

Feeling lost in the aftermath of a breakup is one of the world’s most universally felt emotions. On White Lines J. Antonette is caught “counting these white lines on a black top” out of fear of going home to an empty bed and reminiscing about the past and the love she thought would last. This sense of pure and unadulterated heartbreak is present throughout this eerily relatable track

Longing for a way to get over her ex, Antonette is mystified but just how long it’s taking her to move on from this failed relationship. Rooted in sincere emotion and relatability White Lines is a true gut punch to the newly heartbroken, unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Vocally, Antonette matches the somber sentiment beautifully with her incredibly clear voice almost cracking during this deeply emotional song. The simplicity of the production allows the lyrics to take center stage and hit listeners right where it hurts the most.

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