Hayden Haddock Sticks To Traditionalist Roots On “Wind It Down”

At some point each and every artist faces pressure either externally or internally to veer from their roots and chase the current trends in country music. For, rising country artist and Texas A&M student, Hayden Haddock the decision to stick “to (his) guns” and make the music he grew up loving was a no brainer. Raised on the sounds of 80’s and 90’s Country, Haddock hopes to help revive the golden era of country music.

Haddock’s latest single, “Wind It Down”, has all the trappings of a 90’s Country boot stomper. Haddock tells Worlds Of Country that the “first time I heard this song it made me think of the dive bar me and my friends always hit up in College Station”. Even though, he wasn’t involved in writing the song, Haddock was able to see himself and his memories in the lyrics, and hopes listeners are able to do the same.

Up next for Haddock, is continuing to strike a balance between school and touring, one that he credits many “nice professors” for helping him achieve. Haddock also anticipates releasing “a new single every month or two” and that he has plenty more up his sleeve.

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