“Somewhere Between Nashville and Texas” Nicky James Happily Walks The Line

“Somewhere between Nashville and Texas”, Nicky James says while describing his personal musical brand. Blending the rocking elements of Texas with the storytelling that has become synonymous with Nashville, James is more than comfortable crafting a blend of music caught somewhere in the middle.

Coming out of high school, James was unsure of where life would lead him, however after watching Jason Isbell captivate an audience in Tulsa, James has hooked on “the power of music and how one guy can capture everyone’s attention”. From that moment James was worked tirelessly to “learn how the industry works” and notes that it isn’t as “glamorous” as it appears from the outside looking in.

James’ continuous study of the industry has led me to embrace the Nashville’s songwriting community, which was a big philosophical change for James who entered the industry “with the idea I was gonna write everything”. James acknowledges that “people in this town have publishing deals for a reason” and sometimes it’s best sit back and let them work their magic. James’ new single Goin’ Through written by Chris Young and Matt Rogers focuses on a guy Goin’ Through the motions following a breakup and looking for a way to get over his ex.

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