Payton Howie Lets The Good Times Roll On “Never Go Home”

It was a cold day in Nashville, Tennessee, and Payton Howie was looking for an escape to the warmer memories buried deep in her mind. That day Howie and co-writers went on to craft a song destined to leave us all longing for the sunshine state of mind, often missing during the winter months. “Never Go Home” is the ultimate carefree summer anthem here to keep you going even as the calendar turns deeper into Fall.

Recently, we had the chance to chat with Howie about her musical journey, “Never Go Home”, and more!

Worlds Of Country: When did you know that you wanted to pursue music?

Payton: I’ve wanted to pursue music. I would say since I was like five. My mom took me to my first concert and it was Carrie Underwood concert, and she brought me up on stage during the show and I was looking out at the crowd of people while she was sitting there. And I hold my head and thinking, like. Just seeing all these people coming together because of music, which is something that always stuck with me, and since then music has been a passion of mine. When I was about 16, I got my first guitar started playing shows and all of that together just kind of made it where I wanted it to be something more of a career rather than just just something I was doing for fun.

Worlds Of Country: So once you realized you could make a career out of it, what was your first step towards making it a reality?

Payton: I got my first guitar for my 16th birthday, and from there I started playing shows around my hometown jamming with other artists, and then I started writing original music and recording and put it out for people to hear. And that was kind of the first few steps that I took.

Worlds Of Country: So how would you describe your own personal musical style?

Payton: I take a lot of inspiration from artists like Gretchen Wilson and Reba and Loretta Lynn. I just love their style and their way of storytelling and their true country grit. I love that, and I would describe my own personal style as a little more edgy, got a little bit of a classic rock influence, and I definitely want to be a storyteller. That’s what I try to do in my music is tell stories.

Worlds Of Country: So would you say that your first love when it comes to music was writing music or performing music? And nowadays, which one do you lean towards?

Payton: I definitely would say in both aspects I would lean towards probably performing because music is a part of who I am. So when I’m getting up and I’m playing a song or sharing it with somebody, whatever I’m doing, it’s kind of like, Hey, this is a this is a part of me that I want to share with you. And everyone always has something different to say about a song that you share with them. Whether it’s your favorite cover song or song that you wrote or your own take on a song, someone else is going to have like, Oh, this means this to me or this song really struck a chord with me here, and I love getting to share music with people and hearing how it affects them in different ways.

Worlds Of Country: Your new song Never Go Home. Can you tell us the story behind that song and how that song came together?

Payton: I wrote that tune with my friends Michael Austin, Eric Helbig and Joe Yeager out here in Nashville, Tennessee it was super cool. We were all just hanging out and talking about, you know, whether it’s tour stories or just being home with our families and friends and having a good time like what we’re doing when we’re with our family and friends living it up and having a good time and all the things that come with that. So we’re just talking about memories like that, stories like that and all those fun times kind of our coming together for never go home.

Worlds Of Country: That song definitely has that edge that you were talking about before.

I think out of all the songs that I’ve released recently, I think Never Go Home definitely gives off more of that rock vibe that I was talking about for sure.

Worlds Of Country: So what’s next for you?

Payton: Next for me, I’m super stoked. We have the music video for Never Go Home coming out really, really soon. I’m beyond excited to share that because it was such a fun experience to film because, “Freedom” was an awesome video to film, and it was like a story behind the song. There was a real story behind the music video, and you can kind of see that when you watch it, but Never Go Home the plan for that was like, let’s just have a good time, and then we’ll invite someone with the camera.

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