Caitlin Quisenberry Ditches “Logical Path” To Chase Music Dreams

A musical career wasn’t always in the cards for Caitlin Quisenberry. Quisenberry tells Worlds Of Country that following college she planned to attend law school, to pursue a career in entertainment law, noting that while she’s always had a penchant for entertainment she viewed law school as the more “logical path”. However, Quisenberry’s commitment to the logical side of life was thrown into flux when her cover of Chris Stapleton’s Millionaire went viral on YouTube and garnered the attention of a Nashville producer, who was eager to work with Quisenberry. While initially filled with doubts about ditching her plans to go chase down her musical dreams, Quisenberry came to the realization that “law school will always be there” and if she wants to go after music the time is now.

Now living in Nashville, Quisenberry is “always evolving” as an artist and looking to hone in on what the Caitlin Quisenberry sound is. Quisenberry feels that she’s made tremendous progress towards this end by diving into the writing process and “feeling more connected to the songs” she’s writing. Quisenberry cites Kace Musgraves as an inspiration for the way she she is “unafraid to take risks and is always reinventing herself as an artist”.

Quisenberry’s latest single “What If” explores the popular butterfly effect, and how seemingly small occurrences and deacons can have huge ramifications down the road. Quisenberry, harkens back to her days as a philosophy major to beautifully and heartbreakingly retell the almost maybes of a past relationship.

Quisenberry plans to continue releasing new music every three week for the foreseeable future. Her next single “I Will, I Swear, I Do” is set to be released this Friday and is now available for PRESAVE.

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