“I Want To Push Boundaries” Brandy Neelly Continues To Find Her Voice On “S.O.B”

“Love can be a real S.O.B” the sentiment rings throughout Brandy Neelly’s new breakup anthem, “S.O.B”. Neelly tells Worlds Of Country that this song details all the over the top and downright bonkers things Love can make us do. For Neelly this manifested itself “as being the girl that showed up uninvited”. Neelly describes the song as a “fun toss at what love can sometimes make us do”, and how when reminiscing we find it hard to believe that we would ever act in such a way.

Photo: Maggie Kimbro

For Neelly, “S.O.B” is a great showcase of her growth as an artist over the past few years. Coming off of her time at American Idol, Neelly recalls being “pitched great songs” but that those songs just weren’t who she is as an artist. According to Neelly, finding who she is as an artist was a process that started in the writer’s room over four years ago. “Diving into what I wanted to say as a writer has really helped my confidence grow to where I’m at now”, and has allowed Neelly to form a unique, and edgy style of country music.

Stylistically, Neelly describes herself as “if P!nk made a country album” and that resemblance shines through on the punk edged “S.O.B”. Growing up Neelly’s favorite artists were Martina McBride and Avril Lavigne, and what Neelly has taken away from those artists is the way that “they push boundaries”. As Neelly continues to grown as an artist she hopes to continue to walk in the footsteps of the strong women that came before her and continue to “push the boundaries of what can be and being said and how it can being said”.

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