REVIEW: Jon Wolfe “Dos Corazones”

It only takes one listen to hear the sincere authenticity of Jon Wolfe’s Dos Corazones, an album filled with a down home sound that serves as a reminder of the beautiful simplicity of country music. From the instrumental opening track La Llegada which translates to “the arrival”, Wolfe makes it clear that this project will put the instruments front and center and provide the album with a rich and natural sound throughout. Sonically, Dos Corazones can only be described as “country damn music” in the purest sense. Featuring 17 songs, spanning the course of just over an hour, Dos Corazones will leave new and old listeners alike enthralled by Wolfe’s unique style and willingness to stick to his traditionalist guns even as much of the industry moves towards “poppier” sounding music, Wolfe continues make music that doesn’t need a modifier prior to the word country. However, Dos Corazones at times does include South-American influenced instrumentation which only adds to the richness of the record and the authentic uniqueness of Wolfe as an artist.

Credit: Jeremy Thomas

Chock full of beautiful imagery that’ll place listeners squarely in each of the scenes painted throughout the project, Wolfe uses his premiere storytelling ability to relate to listeners from all walks of life. Even on the few songs where Wolfe isn’t listed as a writer he manages to make the stories his own and give listeners a greater insight into each and every song on the record. Even if you’ve never stepped foot in Texas or anywhere in the south you can latch onto the themes of respect, love, and heartbreak present throughout this beautiful album. From the homage paying Here’s To My All Heroes to the album closer, I’ll Never Be The Same, Wolfe’s smoky, deep vocal captivates audiences and leaves listeners hanging onto every syllable. While each song has a unique storyline the album comes together to form a cohesive unit that’ll keep listeners engaged throughout.

Credit: Jeremy Thomas

Highlights on the album include the lovely Runaway With Me in which Wolfe tries to convince his girl to run away with him and escape the stresses of everyday life in the big city, and then honky tonkin’ Lost Cause Like Me which encompasses everything we all love about country music. The fun word play on Lost Cause Like Me creates a lyrical ambiance similar to Mama Tried but filled with more edge. However, my favorite on the project is the beautifully written and produced Tequila Sundown which from the incredible imagery to the natural South-American influenced instrumentation displays everything that makes this album so special and unique.

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