Weeken Roundup August 23rd

The Weekend Roundup is back after another incredible week of releases!

Let Love Be Love (EP), Carter Faith- Carter Faith’s debut EP is finally here! “Let Love Be Love” cements Faith’s status as one of the industry’s quickest rising stars.

It’s easy to get lost in a daydream when listening to this EP that is able to blend the dreamy backdrop of a Kacey Musgraves record with Faith’s superb storytelling ability. Sonically, “Let Love Be Love” paints a dreamy aesthetic, ala “Golden Hour” but lyrically Faith refocuses on the emotions of the here and now, this dichotomy really works and shows Faith to be a well rounded artist, even at such a young age. At a time where sad songs are all the rage, Faith reminds us that it’s okay to be happy too.

The Book, Seth Ennis- Seth Ennis’ reemergence as an artist has been nothing short of remarkable. “The Book” tells an all too relatable heartbreaking tale of a breakup where one half of the relationship has seemingly moved on without a blip while the other half is stuck in neutral wondering if what they had ever meant anything. Lyrically, “The Book” displays incredibly clever wordplay as Ennis once again shows us his roots as a songwriter.

I Don’t Cry In My Cowboy Hat (Pt.1), Kristen Foreman- Kristen Foreman is someone that has shot onto my radar with the release of this project, which molds a traditional sound with modern storytelling. Foreman’s willingness to step outside of the box as a writer truly allows this project to shine. The title is the most obvious example of this, where while the subject matter paints a dreary picture, through Foreman’s clever wordplay you are likely to find yourself smiling along to the record’s most heartbreaking song.

When He’s Been Drinkin’, Kaylin Roberson, Kaylin Roberson continues to shine as a premier storyteller. “When He’s Been Drinkin’” is a fun twist on the fears many girls have when their boyfriend goes out for a guy’s night. Towards the beginning of the song Roberson paints the picture of a girl sitting at home worrying about what her boyfriend might be doing, however that all changes once she gets a text on her phone, queening all of her fears and putting her mind at ease. Roberson’s ability to twist the title shows her continued willingness to take risks when many are content with playing it safe.

Fallin’ Out, Callie Prince- There’s no better time than right now to rip the bandaid off and say goodbye according to Callie Prince. Instead of holding onto her hopes and dreams of what she thought they’d become, on “Fallin’ Out” Callie Prince reckons with the fact that she is simply no longer in love with her boyfriend. Prince feels there is no use in holding or pretending that everything is fine when she know that she’s “Fallin’ Out” of love and that there’s nothing they can do change that fact. Prince’s voice soars throughout this rocking track and makes this such an enjoyable listen.

You Ain’t Gone, Sam Grow- Sam Grow just can’t seem to move on. On “You Ain’t Gone”, Grow knows that it’s in his best interest to do so but still can’t as many memories of his ex keep flooding back causing him to ponder how she can both not be there and not be gone at the same time. Grow knows deep down the odds of them working out are slim to none, yet he still can’t let go of wondering what they could’ve been.

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