Casi Joy Transports Back In Time On “Senses Fail”

We all have those memories that we wish we could simply bury in the back of our minds never to be seen or heard from again. Casi Joy’s experience with her own painful memories led to her penning her latest single “Senses Fail”. “Senses Fail” explores the unfortunate remnants from “a high school experience” of Joy’s but Joy was mindful to leave “the lyrics open to interpretation” so others can insert their own story while listening to the song.

Recently, we had the opportunity to chat with Joy about her time as a contestant on The Voice, “Senses Fail”, and the “Senses Fail” music video.

Worlds Of Country: How do you feel you’ve grown as an artist since your time on “The Voice”?

Casi: Being on The Voice was such an incredible experience, and I’m so grateful for all I learned. Since that time, I’ve really been able to hone in on my brand as an artist, and connect with my fans even more. The show also taught me how hard you have to work to be at that level, so I’ve been pushing myself to keep that pace. I’ve been on the road touring non-stop since the show, and have no plans of slowing down! I also took quite a big leap in my career a couple years ago. Since touring kept us away from home so much, my husband and I decided to get rid of our house in Nashville, along with everything we owned, and bought a tour bus to live in full-time! So, you could say I’ve grown by 45 feet!

Worlds Of Country: Do you feel that your time on the show allowed you a platform to establish yourself as an artist?

Casi: The show definitely helped with exposure, name recognition, and so much more. That whole experience was the validation and stamp of approval I had been searching for. It’s like hitting the jackpot to be an independent artist and get to perform in front of a national audience weekly! That kind of exposure is priceless. I was also fortunate to have had a few videos go viral on Facebook and Youtube before The Voice, so once I was on the show the ball really got rolling!

Worlds Of Country: What’s the story behind your new single, “Senses Fail”?

Casi: I wrote “Senses Fail” about those moments when one of your senses transports you back to a memory or loss you thought you’d healed from. We’ve all experienced some sort of grief or trauma, and I’ve found it to be true that the body keeps the score. It could be a candle scent, cologne, a song, or a backroad, and you’re right back in that moment. Though I left the lyrics open to interpretation, for me this song is about a high school experience I’ve tried to forget, but is often pulled back into focus by my senses. It was a pretty weird moment when I was writing the hook and landed on the title, because Senses Fail was a band I listened to as a teen. That was quite a full circle moment, and makes this song even more personal for me.

Worlds Of Country: Where did the inspiration for the music video come from?

Casi: My director Lucas Cohen and I wanted to create a story with this video, and also paint the picture of a “senses fail” moment. The photographer character is taking pictures of a happy couple, and finds herself in the same spot she took photos with her ex. She’s all of a sudden transported back to that happy moment with him, remembering every detail. When we found the location, Raising Rust, it all just fell into place creating the perfect, whimsical vibe.

Worlds Of Country: What was your favorite part of filming the video?

Casi: I always have so much fun shooting with Lucas and the crew (who also shot “Namaste”), and even though this was a more somber song, the shoot was still full of so many laughs! The most memorable part this time was probably the lengths we went to so we could have an empty clay pot in one of the shots just for an inside joke only we would get! Worth it!

Worlds Of Country: What’s next for you?

Casi:I’ve got a pretty busy rest of summer and fall schedule on the road, so look for me in the “Joyride!” As always, I’ll be documenting our shenanigans on my Instagram story, and I can promise there’s never a dull moment in the bus! I’m also writing a ton, so new music is always on the horizon!

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