“Country With A Rock Edge” Walker County Talk Musical Style, Sisterhood, and “Bits and Pieces”

All it took was one trip to Nashville for Ivy and Sophie Walker to catch the inescapable musical bug. During a 2007 family trip to the music city their father asked the sisters if they wanted to try their hand at street performing on Broadway, and from there Walker County was formed. Walker County’s sound can best be described as country with a rock edge and this genre bending style is clearly evidenced by their latest single, “Bits and Pieces”, which will have listeners hanging onto every word while also head bobbing along to the drums.

Recently, we had the chance to chat with Walker County about their musical beginnings, highs and lows of working with family, and so much more.

Worlds Of Country: When did you know that music was something you wanted to pursue together?

Walker County:We started the band when Sophie was 9 and I (Ivy) was 12. So music has been something we’ve known we’ve wanted to do for a long time! We went to Nashville on a family vacation in 2007 and our Dad asked us if we would want to open the guitar case and street perform on Broadway, just to say we did it. We played a few songs and made about 10 dollars! Dad told Sophie and I if we learned about an hour’s worth of songs we would take another trip to Nashville next month, and he would let Sophie and I split the money we made. We were hooked! From there, busking on Broadway snowballed into starting the band!

Worlds Of Country: What are some of the advantages of chasing this dream with each other?

Walker County: We feel very blessed to be chasing our dream together as sisters! We get to share every achievement together. We hold each other accountable, and we always have someone there who understands the challenges we’re going through!

Worlds Of Country: Does being sisters sometimes make it difficult to work with each other?

Walker County: We are normal sisters! We fight and bicker back and forth sometimes but 5 minutes later, we are laughing about how silly the fight was. We started playing music together at such a young age that we really became close. We are truly each other’s best friend.

Worlds Of Country: How would you describe your musical style?

Walker County:We are inspired by tons of different genres! We try to keep a foot in the traditional country world, but with Sophie on the drums, we have a bit of a rock edge to our sound as well.

Worlds Of Country: What’s the story behind your single, “Bits & Pieces”?

Walker County: “Bits & Pieces” is a song about a super fun night that you can’t quite remember! When we were pitched this song a male vocalist was singing it, so we took it and put our own female spin on it.

Worlds Of Country: What’s next for you?

Walker County:We are currently on tour with Old Dominion, which has been amazing! We also have an upcoming tour with Tanya Tucker for the Next Women of Country. Hopefully we’ll be back in the studio soon recording more music for y’all too!

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