Weekend Roundup August 8th

The Weekend Roundup is back after another incredible week of releases!

Driveway, Cody Johnson- Cody Johnson continues to amaze. “Driveway” is a beautifully written song about Johnson’s love for his family, spanning generations. Johnson sings about his hope that on his way to heaven he’ll see all of his family members just like a trip up the “driveway”.

Just Drive, Erin Kinsey- Erin Kinsey doesn’t need a fancy night out to find happiness. Instead, Kinsey would much rather spend her time with her boyfriend just driving around and ensuring that the time they spend together is quality time. Kinsey’s smooth vocal shines throughout this country meets punk track.

Life Ain’t Fair, Maddie & Tae- Maddie & Tae aren’t going to let life’s turbulence get them down. Instead, the duo is focused on making lemonade out of the lemons they’ve been handed. This track is a lot of fun and following the sassy “Woman You Got”, Maddie & Tae’s new album is shaping up to be one filled with attitude and emotion.

I Wish, Leah Mason- A true heartbreaker, “I Wish” details the feelings most of us go through following a breakup. Still feeling feelings for her ex, Mason refuses to let her own bitterness get the best of her and instead opts to wish her ex the best even though deep down it pains her to do so. Mason’s voice shines throughout this sad track and the heartbreak in her voice spills into the ears of listeners who know this tale all too well

Makeup Is Expensive, Lauren Weintraub- Lauren Weintraub is over surface level relationships. Weintraub, distraught by the fact that so many of the guys she dates don’t seem to want to really get to know her, laments the fact that she’s been spending all of this money on makeup as a result of these failed dates. Weintraub wishes she didn’t have to dole out the cash and effort for another first date and would much rather find someone willing to actual get to know her.

Truck’s Ain’t For Breaking Down In, Royale Lynn- Crying in her truck isn’t on Royale Lynn’s agenda. The imagery of a strong truck doesn’t pair well with someone crying inside, so Lynn is doing everything she can to avoid doing so. Regardless of all of the memories they’ve made in that truck and how much she wishes she could just let it go, she’s putting on a brave face and hanging tough while lugging all of their memories around in this truck.

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