J. Antonette Shines On Sassy “Mean Well”

J. Antonette never saw herself as an artist. Antonette was content with writing songs and staying far from the spotlight as the songs she wrote entered the world. That all changed when Antonette landed her first background singing gig and from there she “knew I wanted to at least consider being an artist”. While, she is very extroverted, Antonette tells Worlds Of Country that “stage fright” held her back from pursuing artistry prior to gaining the necessary confidence from her background singing days.

Antonette’s journey to Nashville is amongst the wildest stories you’ll ever hear. Antonette always viewed Los Angeles as where she had to be to pursue music, however Antonette was unable to find a place to live on the west coast and during a two week writing to Nashville she “walked into an apartment complex as a joke just to see what they had and they gave me a great price so I guess Nashville is where I belong after all”. 

Antonette has always been a fan and admirer of county music but being from upstate New York she “has been pushed in more of a pop direction” but now she’s “trying to get back to those country roots”. Antonette’s new single, “Mean Well” is a great example of Antonette showing off her country side. Antonette tells Worlds Of Country that “Mean Well” is a sassy song “about those people that always say they mean well when in reality they’re just mean”. 

Antonette plans to keep the music coming, telling Worlds Of Country that she plans to release another song in “a month or two”.

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