Zac Hart Talks “Pieces”, Musical Style

Growing up, traditional country music was all Zac Hart would sing. Starting at the age of 10, Hart would play cover shows on the weekend, featuring “nothing but traditional country”. Hart is thankful for this incredible “education” in traditional country music and a lot of the lessons have stuck with Hart as he continues to grow as an artist.

When describing his sound, Hart tells Worlds Of Country that he leans into his “roots in country music and bluegrass and but leaning into pop sensibilities” and credits Taylor Swift’s “Red” album for allowing him to see that you can still make country music while pushing boundaries and leaning into other influences. However, Hart is conscious not to push the line too far and he always ensures that if he puts out a song under the country genre, that it has elements of what makes country music great.

Hart’s latest release, “Pieces” the title track off of his upcoming EP, is a perfect representation of his unique style. “Pieces” tells the story of a gut reeling following a break up and feeling as though he’ll never be able to pick up his “pieces” of his broken heart. Hart’s voice shines throughout the song and you can feel the heartbreak in his voice loud and clear.

Hart tells Worlds Of Country that the EP, coming soon, will detail the full cycle of a heartbreak “from the feeling of never being able to move on to the feeling of all right maybe this is all happened for the reason.

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