Jake Hoot Showcases Inner Rockstar on “Night Left”

“Alright Bet!”, Jake Hoot recalls being confused when he first heard this phrase. Hoot was out in Arizona when he first heard his brother in law use the phrase and after doing some research Hoot knew he had to find a way to incorporate the line into a song, and Hoot’s new rocking single, “Night Left” was the perfect place to put this turn of phrase.

Credit: Jonathan Volk

“Night Left” is different than anything Hoot’s put out before. Opting for more of a rock vibe than his traditionalist sensibilities, Hoot’s powerful voice shines throughout this boot stomping track. Stepping out of his comfort zone wasn’t difficult for Hoot as he feels “sometimes you just have to switch it up a little bit” and notes that “this song is one we always look forward to playing live”. Once Hoot knew he wanted to go the rock direction he wanted to include some of Cadillac Three’s classic slide guitar, Hoot tells Worlds Of Country that “I’m a big Cadillac Three fan and we wanted to incorporate some of that sound”.

Hoot got to celebrate the release of “Night Left” with a performance at the Grand Ole Opry and then got to open for Darius Rucker to cap his “wild weekend”. As for what’s next, Hoot tells Worlds Of Country that he is working on a full length album which he hopes to release in the beginning part of next year.

Credit: Jonathan Volk

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