Ashland Craft Talks Partnering With Doditty, Supporting Struggling Venues

The past year has been a tough one in many corners in the music industry. From artists, to crew members, to music venues, many in the industry have been questioning whether or not they’d have the means to make it out the other side of this long tunnel. Recently, Nashville based company Doddity partnered with some of Nashville’s up and coming stars for a campaign benefiting the Music Venue Alliance Of Nashville (MVAN). Using technology to connect fans with their favorite artists and make a difference ,“Doditty strives to create innovative fundraising campaigns through new realms of entertainment such as virtual reality experiences. We believe the advancements of modern technology can be used as a great tool for healing, awareness, and unique interactions to positively impact the lives of those who need our support the most.” 

Ashland Craft was one of the artists involved in Doddity’s most recent campaign, and recently we had the opportunity to talk to Ashland about her involvement with Doddity, the importance of supporting music venues, and touring with Zac Brown Band.

Worlds Of Country: What made you get involved in Doditty’s mission?

Ashland: I saw the impact that other Doditty campaigns have made and felt inspired to help out with a cause so close to my heart.

 Worlds Of Country: Why do you feel that a campaign like this is so important?

Ashland: As things slowly open back up and with shows taking off, I think it’s important to not forget about the venues, crews, and artists that took a huge hit during the pandemic.

Worlds Of Country: What are some of your favorite memories on stage of an Independent Music Venue?

Ashland: The fans. I love getting to play songs that I have poured my heart into and see them sung back to me. It’s really amazing to witness the way music connects each and every one of us.

Worlds Of Country:Why did you choose MVAN specifically?

Ashland: MVAN has been working diligently to support our incredible, local venues that have been hit hard over the past year. They’re an amazing organization, and I was honored to help play a small part in their efforts!

Worlds Of Country: As far as your personal career, what have you been working on lately?

Ashland: Lately, I’ve been writing a bunch and working on a pretty special project that I can’t wait to share with everyone soon! I’m also back out on the road playing festivals, and will be joining Zac Brown Band’s THE COMEBACK TOUR 2021 beginning in August!

You can check out all of Doddity’s upcoming campaigns at be sure to check out Ashland’s upcoming tour dates on

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